9 Years Old (1990) / National Geographics September 20, 2015

9 years old (1990)

19.25" x 19" inches

Archival Inkjet print on MOAB Somerset enhanced 255 gram

Edition of 25

‘9 years old (1990)’ is the first piece in a 2 part series. This series explores publications that were dear to me in my childhood. National Geographic Magazine was very important to me during that time and actually it still is. I revisited the issues of 1990 and reinterpreted them into this infinite pattern collage. 

*Please allow 3-4 weeks for framed orders.

$ 150.00
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First Impression June 26, 2015

First Impression

8" x 8"

Blind-emboss print

Khadi archival paper 320gsm

Edition of 20

Topography, is shaped by what is beneath it, around it, and the pressures of them, much like our conscious. Through the treatment and placing of paper, I used the ‘Impressions’ plate to make an impression on it. My car the vehicle of my movement through landscape, was used to directly apply pressure onto this paper leaving behind the physical impression of the plate.

Each print is the result of 2 hours of preparation, 24 hours of pressure and 24 hours of drying.

*Please allow 3-4 weeks for framed orders.

$ 350.00
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Oct, Nov, Dec. (fully tile-able snake patterns print) September 1, 2015

Oct, Nov, Dec. (Fully tile-able snake pattern print)

  • Dimensions 24” x 33” Inches 
  • Printed 2007
$ 20.00
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